for Children and Adults
Sherry Guralnick Cohen
Board Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner


Every laser has it's target. Some target pigment while others target the red of vascular lesions. 

Hair Lasers

Hair lasers targets the pigment in the hair follicle and the hair in the active growth stage.   With each treatment, you will get a decrease in the density of  your hair.  The Food and Drug Administation recognizes hair laser as a permanant hair reduction because it is going after only those hairs in the active growth stage with pigment.  Each part of your body has a differemt  percent of hair in the active growth stage.  We use a chart developed  by Richard Merhag to predict how much hair is targeted with each treatment.    For instance your beard has 70% in the active growth stage, while your upper lip has 65% in the active growth stage.  That is the percentage of hairs we are targeting when we do a treatment. 

Do not use dipilities, tweeze, wax, or tread several weeks prior to laser.  It is ok to shave before and inbetween sessions.  The laser feels like a rubber band snapping that is hot. 

Vascular Lasers

Vascular lasers target the red pigment in blood.  This allows us to treat  facial viens, cherry and spider angiomas, and some leg veins.