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Sherry Guralnick Cohen
Board Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner

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Types of common moles include junctional, compound, and  intradermal.  Moles can be present at birth or acquired later in life.  While they can develop anywhere on the body, areas that are exposed to the sun are more vulnerable.  Healthy moles are  round, evenly pigmented and under 6 milimeters, about  the size of a pencil eraser. 

Sun protection is imortant in proventing skin cancers and premature aging.  Use sun screen properly, and other sun protective meausures. 


Moles are hereditary, or passed down from a parent, or can be induced by sunlight and other forms of radiation.


We recommend a full skin exam yearly to make sure moles are benign, as well as using sunscreen daily as a preventative measure.  

Alternative Names

Nevus; malignant melanoma; compound mole; junctionial mole; chronic skin lesion; birthmark.